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An Art Lovers Guide To Canvas Prints

An Art Lovers Guide To Canvas Prints

Finding the perfect piece of art for most art collectors is usually a gut instant reaction. When first seeing an artwork it may spark memories, emotions, a story or you were simply somehow moved by the artwork.

 It's amazing how one piece of art can have such an incredible reaction on one person. No matter what the reason, you ideally chose the piece because you loved it. Having something we love in our home or work place can really create that personal inner happiness we are all searching for.
People used to associate buying art for the rich and famous, but times are definitely changing, now buying art for our homes is a common widespread gift to ourselves. With online art galleries and artists selling direct online to their collectors, art can now be for everyone to enjoy.
Another myth in the modern art world is that you can only purchase original art to be a collector or for it to have any value. Not anymore with Limited Edition Canvas and Paper Prints.

What are Limited Edition Prints?

Limited Edition Prints are made from a high definition scan or photograph of an artists original artwork. It is colour corrected against the original and is high definition showing all the brushwork and textures. This digital file is then printed in a fine art printing studio using the highest quality inks and printing materials. It is just as detailed as the original, providing you with a more affordable option to admire the intricate detail and brushstrokes. With limited editions, artists restrict the total amount of artworks produced in the edition, so that each individual work will retain its value over time.

Modern colourful abstract flower and bird canvas print hanging in a modern dining room
 Benefits of a Limited Edition Print

A limited edition print is a life long investment and here is an art lovers guide as to why:

 An affordable investment: For some people buying original artworks is just not quite in the budget, but buying a limited edition print is a much more affordable way of still obtaining that much loved piece of art for your home. They are valuable and will come with a certificate of authenticity that is signed by the artist and includes the edition number.
Large scale art is an option: The great thing about these prints is that they can be printed larger than the original. Large art can certainly make an impact in a room. The sheer scale can be so impressive. If however, you did need a particular size for your wall space - for me anyway - I am able to email a quote for the size that you require. Just message me your requirements first. So they certainly can be adapted in size to suit your own wall space.

Impressive detail is captured: It is widely known that a lot of people cannot tell the difference between a print and an original with todays technology. You really do have to look hard. I use the highest quality printing studios and their attention to detail is impeccable. These canvas prints are awe inspiring to say the least.

Whatever your reason for choosing a limited edition print there will always be that inner connection that you feel with the artwork.
Modern nature inspired wildflower abstract canvas print hanging on a lounge room wall
Taking Care of your Print

Just like originals, prints also need to be looked after with a little love and care. Here are a few guide lines for caring for your print purchase:

Handle carefully: Limited Edition Prints - just like originals - need to be handled with care. The best thing to do when holding/carrying is to not touch the surface with your fingers. Oil or dirt from your hands/fingers can come off onto the canvas and damage the artwork. Always hold the side/edges or frame when moving and hanging your piece.
Exposure to Direct Sunlight: If possible always think about the positioning of your print on your wall throughout the day. Is the sun hitting it all day long, this is not ideal and a rule of thumb is to make sure it is hung in standard lighting conditions - not direct constant sunlight.
Humidity and Climate Extremes: Prints don't like humidity, so never hang your print in a room that gets high humidity such as the bathroom or enclosed kitchen. Think about the temperature of the room throughout the day and different seasons when hanging an artwork.
Dusting Your Print: Prints can get a bit of dust on them over time. It's always good to regularly check them for dust so it doesn't build up. The best way to dust your print is with a dry soft cloth or soft brush and gently wipe over it. Never use your hand or any sort of spray or cleaning agent as this could damaged your print.
With these few simple helpful guidelines your gorgeous print will remain intact and as new and stunning for many many years to come.
Contemporary living room with a extra large modern abstract canvas print hanging on the wall and a neutral modern lounge
 Choosing art is personal and emotional

Whether you are buying an original or a limited edition print you will have chosen from the heart and you will have a bond with that piece.

Art is about finding a piece of you and expressing it to the world around you. Stories, emotions and memories come to life through art. Collecting art can be such an uplifting and exhilarating experience. Life is about surrounding yourself with beautiful things that resonate and captivate you. Who wouldn't want that in their own home.
Large scale colourful abstract fine art canvas print in a contemporary elegant living room
 I hope this art lovers guide to canvas prints has helped you in your decision, if you have any further questions about limited edition prints please send me a message, I am always happy to chat.
I will be constantly updating my website print collection as I continue to create more beautiful artworks. Make sure you are signed up to my mailing list to be notified of new arrivals. You will also receive a discount code on signing up that you can use on any purchase on my website as a thank you!