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2023 - What a year!

2023 - What a year!

Well it has been a roller coaster of a year for me as a full time artist. If I am being 100% honest (and I am) it has been the worst year for me emotionally out of my 4 years as a full time artist. Here is a little insight...

Well it started off great and I was pumped and ready for a fresh new year. All my previous years I have been growing and gaining more lovely collectors and interest in my artworks. Things were getting bigger and better with each year. Covid was actually a good thing for many online shops and businesses. This year however the recession has hit hard for a lot of businesses. People have had to stop spending and just survive with increasing bills, food, petrol etc. A lot of artists I know have seen a decline in purchases this year and have found it tough -  including me. 

Artist Amber Gittins in her studio painting a big pink abstract floral original painting

I found also that Instagram - one of my previous main ways of communicating with my lovely collectors and friends was also making it very difficult to be seen and heard online. The Instagram algorithm is currently a night mare and it started taking up so much of my time and energy trying to beat it. Let me just say, I can't beat it and I'm now done trying to please it. It thoroughly drained me and took me away from my painting too often. I was constantly googling marketing strategies and how to beat the algorithm. Most days I was so stressed about trying to do a video and film all the different processes, that it became too overwhelming. I just felt I couldn't keep up and felt like I wasn't coping with my marketing. Then I would resort to trying to quickly throw something together that was a half arsed attempt at posting which wouldn't get seen anyway... arrghh!! I was certainly over thinking and causing stress on myself.

Just a handy hint if you do want to stay in touch with me and know you will get the latest info when it happens.. make sure to be signed up to my mailing list. I always let my email subscribers know of any exciting news, sales and new art releases via these emails. 

Artist Amber Gittins leaning over an abstract floral original painting in her art studio

I also took on a bit of a risk by trying Facebook paid adverts with a company. The way it was sold to me it sounded like it couldn't fail, it sounded great, yet I was definitely sceptical for a lot of reasons. Plus it was going to cost me thousands of dollars. My gut instantly said 'don't do it' but I ended up giving it a go. That was a bad business choice and in the end I lost thousands and had to get out of it. It was so stressful. Yuck! The positive out of it is, I have realised I do have a strong business head and I have learnt to really trust this and believe in my gut instincts a lot more.

I also felt I wasn't 'keeping up' with all these adventures and new things other artists were doing. I felt like I was getting left behind in this creative world I loved. I was loosing motivation for everything. 

I did also go through some personal things during the year that were hard to deal with. I won't go into them, but everything is all right now, just at the time it was very emotionally draining and very hard to concentrate on my work as well. By the end of November I was so emotionally and financially burnt out.

Abstract Artist Amber Gittins in her art studio painting a blue and white abstract original painting

Now in December I am feeling I am slowly getting myself back on my feet in a more positive mind set. I'm also incorporating eating very healthy (no sugar, no alcohol, lots of plant based natural foods with every meal), being mindful, doing a lot of exercise and getting fit which is really improving my mind, body and mood. I have also realised that I just need to move on, don't dwell and learn from these 'not so fun' moments in business and life. Start focussing on the positive things in my life. My health, family, happiness and of course my love of painting.

On a positive for this year I did meet and have such lovely chats with new collectors and of course how can I not mention my many repeat collectors who have been so loyal over the years. Quite a few repeat collectors purchased more artworks for their homes this year and I can't thank you enough!! I really do appreciate each and every person who loves and comments, shares, purchases my beautiful paintings. To also receive photos and videos of their new artworks hanging in their homes is just so lovely to see. It really does make me feel like my art can bring so much happiness into peoples worlds. I love collecting art myself and totally get that feeling when you walk into your room and looking at the art gives you that extra buzz and happiness. A smile can really change your mood.

Yesterday I wrote down what matters the most for me in this coming new year in my art business. I have decided that I'm not getting influenced by others and where they are at and I wont be driven by social medias latest wants. This is going to be all about me and I will be following through with what gives me the most happiness and joy in my art career. Doing the things that I love to do.

colourful abstract floral original painting framed and on the floor of an art studio

I am currently loving Pinterest so I will be posting more on there. I will still use Instagram and Facebook but I wont be dancing and singing for the algorithm. I will be keeping up with my mailing list subscribers - they are very important to me. I am going to try and do more of these blog posts that really portray who I am as an artist and person. Its quite therapeutic to be honest lol. I do also have a few adventures I would like to pursue, I wont delve into them now I will save that for another time and blog post. :)

I am feeling excited to get back in the studio after a well needed Christmas and New Years break, not a day goes by when I don't feel like painting. It is in my blood and I love how meditative and calming it is for me. Being an artist is who I need to be and I need to make sure that painting and exploring my beautiful colourful floral creations always comes first. I hope you have a safe and lovely Christmas and New Years and a big thanks for listening. x





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