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'Going Troppo' Mini Collection. Artists Thoughts.

Original art, two flower tropical paintings on a wall

Well I'm certainly starting the New Year 2024 with a tropical explosion! I have always loved being on holidays in the tropical regions or anything to do with the tropics for that matter. As long as it has a tropical theme I'm loving it. I have so many items around my own home that are tropical themed... quilt covers, ornaments, pillows, artworks, stationery. I'm obsessed lol. 

Artist studio with table and original paintings

I'm not sure why it has taken me so long to go down this tropical themed track with my painting. Yes I have dabbled with it here and there over the years but never kept it as a consistent theme or done more than one at a time. This new painting collection is all about the tropical vibe and I just can't get enough. Maybe this time around it will be more prominent in my future works. 

Work in progess of tropical inspired original paintings in artist studio

Just recently I have decided to make a few changes in who I am and what I want in life. I am currently manifesting a life in a more tropical warmer region with my partner and our four dogs, which may take years to save up for, but you have to start somewhere and make it happen, right! Plus showing the things that I love to you in my art will help you get a picture of me as a person and hopefully you are just as troppo loving as me. We can go troppo together!

This new art collection is made up of my obsession for the shapes, colours and patterns we find in flowers, plants and leaves. I have also created a sense of depth in these artworks with the many layers of different tonal values of colourful leaves layered on top of one another. I feel like I am about to walk into the rainforest when looking at these, which I just love. It takes me right there - totally in the moment.

If you want to watch me painting one of these floral landscapes, click on the image below to watch it on my YouTube channel Amber Gittins Art.

Watch an artist painting tropical flower landscape video

Another new area for me with this new art collection is the fact that I am painting on much smaller surfaces. I wanted to see how I went on the smaller surfaces because in the future we are looking at longer caravan holidays exploring Australia and I know I will still want to paint whilst away. So in a way it is a test to see if I like painting these smaller artworks. I am looking forward to soon trying this style out on a larger scale but for now I am happy painting on the small canvases. They can be just as time consuming and perhaps even more fiddly for me to be finally happy with them, but I am enjoying the process, so that is good news for me and my future caravanning days lol. 

Two tropical paintings on a wall

This new art collection is going to be released to my mailing list subscribers on an ongoing basis as the collection grows. Make sure to be on my mailing list to get first dibs, I know I love them and I really hope you do as well. Drop me a message with your thoughts I would love to hear from you x

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