Amber Gittins

Wow, I'm a Finalist in an art competition!

art competition finalist

So this year I decided it was time to go in the annual Art To Art Unearthed Art Prize again. I did apply for it a few years ago now and didn't get in, and it did - if I am to be very honest - put me off going in it again. I thought if they didn't like my art the first time then they aren't going to like it ever again. So why bother.

Perhaps my ego was a bit bruised in the rejection and this was my way of coping. I didn't want to get rejected again so that was the easy solution.. just dont enter!

What I have definitely grown a lot since those early days and not helpful mindsets. I now know that rejections can only make us grow and we will all get them at some point or another in our journeys. I just had to first get over my ego in the early days and realise that I have to work hard and just keep pushing through. Nothing is ever easy for anyone in any small business, and certainly don't let the negative thoughts win!

So this year I thought what the hell, just give it a go, you never know. Well that certainly paid off as I was so shocked and happy when I received the email saying I was a finalist. Woohoo!!!

Out of 200 entrants it was narrowed down to us 26 finalists. Such an honour to be included with the other very talented artists. 

The piece I entered (below) 'Hidden Tropics' was inspired by my recent obsession (well perhaps long time obsession) of anything tropical. I have been creating a lot of tropical landscape paintings lately, taking me into a world of happiness and exploration and I'm loving the depth and calming colour palettes of these. It was created from the heart and it was a representation of my current style and colour palettes. I didn't try and be something or someone else in my entry piece I just sent them who I am as an artist right now. I was also mentally prepared for a  rejection and I was ok with it because I love it and that is all that matters. So when I got in, it blew me away. It also made me realise being your true artistic self will shine through and people will see that as well.


I didn't win the overall competition but I have come out of this experience with a great deal of pride and am super happy just to be a finalist. I feel what I have learnt from this experience is to just give everything a go. We will all get knock backs in life but it's those of us that get back up and keep trying that will eventually succeed. These knock backs make us stronger and more determined in the end. Don't ever regret or wish you had tried or done something, just do it!! Plus just be your true self and create what lights you up. Others will be drawn to your uniqueness and they will see how genuine you are. x