Amber Gittins

Inside an Artists Art Studio with Video Tour.

Inside an Artists Art Studio with Video Tour.

Time to show you around my little 'happy place' as I like to call it. Where all the creating and painting is done. It was purpose built 5x4 metre size and is for me to be able to work from home. Just pop out my backyard with a cuppa tea and away I go.

Once spring comes around again, I am going to look at putting some more plants outside and making her all pretty. To the right is my vegetable patch with netting to stop the birds getting into the plants. I often have magpies sitting on the top netting and looking into my studio window at me.

Entrance to an artists Art Studio.
Stepping into my studio each morning around 10am is always a joy. Whether I will be finishing off some 'almost there' artworks, photographing, starting a brand new piece or varnishing sold pieces, I am always full of energy to get going. Very different from when I was working a normal day job working for someone else. Oh and little Bella my gorgeous Cocker Spaniel is always there by my side - to the point of being obsessed - but that's cute right?
Inside an artists Art Studio with a desk full of paint pots and brushes

 My 'desk' and this is probably as messy as she gets, I'm a bit of a neat freak so I like to have everything in its place. It is easy to find then and your not wasting time searching for it. Makes sense to me. Plus all those beautiful coloured paint pots lined up does look so pretty. I always have a pen and paper nearby as I get ideas all the time about marketing ideas, colour combinations, new podcasts or artists to follow, anything really and I can jot the ideas/notes down quickly and then go back to painting. Just gets it out of my head and I can go back to the notes later when I am not painting.

Inside an Artists Studio Video on YouTube

 If you are interested in an actual video tour around my art studio, please pop on over to my YouTube channel Amber Gittins Art and come listen to me chatting about my studio space. Hope you enjoy my little tour and please feel free to message me and tell me your thoughts Amber x