Amber Gittins

Inside an artists mind

Inside an artists mind

Where does our creativity and inspiration come from to paint? Why are all artists so unique in their own style and why are they drawn to different subjects?

Some big questions there for sure. I can't answer for everyone, but I can try and explain my own creative experience to you.

As a child I would dabble in art and creativity all the time. It was - in a child's mind 'a fun thing to do'. Looking back I can see now that it was a place I could go and be lost in my own world for a bit. I was a quiet and studious child, back then we were probably thought of as 'school nerds'. I was proud of my A's and I loved to learn and read about new things and I also loved to be playing outdoors. Growing up in a small Australian outback town we played outside and made our own fun in nature. No computers and phones back then.

Now as an adult I can see similarities that have grown with me. I still love to learn new things. I love reading autobiographies and discovering other peoples lives. I love being outside and I have travelled and backpacked my way around the world for 7 years. I still can be quiet and shy in situations where there is a lot of people. I feel the calmest in nature and one of the simplest and most favourite things to do is going for long nature walks with my dogs happily by my side. I get lost in my own world in nature and I love to paint this tranquil feeling back onto the canvas.

My inspiration definitely comes from my love of being outside in nature. For me nature is calming yet exciting, forever changing and is a wonder of beautiful changing colours throughout the different seasons. Nature grows, it adapts, it's mesmerising and it shows the upmost beauty and peace... and it all comes for free. There isn't much left for free in today's world.

A lady out exploring nature with her blue heeler dog.

I didn't consciously think about my subject matter when I first decided to really give this 'artist thing' a go. I just picked up a paint brush and began painting on the canvas. No thoughts, I just moved my hand and basically hoped for the best. What came out was an abstraction of natures forms and shapes, which after a few more paintings evolved into more unique floral type shapes and structures within the abstraction. My colour palette was purely chosen from what my current mood was at the time and I still choose my colours like this. Plus the different seasons of the year can also steer me towards certain colours, with the weather playing a part. Sometimes I am in a fiery red mood or a soft calming pastel mood or a tranquil blue feeling and sometimes I want all the joy I can possibly handle, so the palette is a rainbow of pure happiness.

Female painting artist in her art studio choosing paint colours

My inspiration is nature and flowers and the colours, shapes and unconscious emotions they portray. My style has movement and flow - perhaps a subconscious way of keeping nature 'alive' on the canvas. Using acrylics I can work fast and I start from one side of the canvas and work my way across in a motion that creates almost a meditative trance for me. It is so calming and peaceful when I paint and all my extra head chatter just goes away. I'm not thinking of the next load of washing, to run that errand I keep putting off or what to cook for dinner tonight. My head is quiet and I feel like I can breathe fresh, new air that is uplifting, so freeing and keeps me grounded from life's hustle and bustle.

Abstract pink and green flower original painting hanging on a bedroom wall with a green bed and palm tree in the corner

I really hope that some of these emotions may be experienced and understood when viewing my artworks. If I can create a sense of peace and happiness that can be extended within your own home, then I'm one grateful artist indeed! x